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Thank you very much!!

soooo cool. LOVE the colors!


@Buzatron thanks glad you like them!
@IDez thank you!

I saw your artwork in the forum and I really liked it, your tee’s are no exception… Really awesome dude +1

This is nice!


@Interpid thanks man!!
@daletheskater thank you man appreciate it!!
@BenjaminPhantom thank you very much,and big respect for your tshirt collection!

Also guys I’d appreciate if you can spread the word abt this voting because am not very famous :) on net,thanks in advance!

awesome work man!!! I really like your style dude. keep it up!!voted

Thanks man a lot!!!


Thanks Agosto!
and I love the idea of having image instead ofposting text,its much more remmemberable :)

Awesome job man! I love the colors! I remember seeing this in a forum, you should get some of the other ones up here! I think you do well with most of those!

Thanks man!!
Yeah will sub as much as I can :) thanks for support!

i’d buy +1


Nice Work! +1

Thank you!!!

This is a beautiful illustration! +1

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