Dara Dara Artist

jimiyo, this is really amazing in person. way better than seeing it on the interwebz!

Yeah c’mon REPRINT!!

jimiyo great design …I still can’t figure out how you do those sexy curvy lines. ratfarts. ohh well.

uber_uter uber_uter Human

Please reprint large.

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt

please reprint large size

I would have to agree with others on the subject of reprinting Large sizes. I would definitely buy this design.


Paramore Paramore Human

****!!!!! Just missed out! Reprint please ;_;

lintbox lintbox Human

REPRINT! thanks.

jfinley jfinley Artist


lintbox lintbox Human

now reprint shows up. only after the 25% sale. DBH you suck :)

Koodoo Koodoo Human

Finally reprinted! Just got my order in, can’t wait to see this up close. Excellent work :)

uber_uter uber_uter Human

Glad to see this reprinted. I ordered one right away.

I liek everything except for the skulls.

hatredjim hatredjim Artist

great work, amazing..

Its back!! ordered.

Koodoo Koodoo Human

Got mine today! The detail is so intricate, really impressed! Great work :)

Do not reprint this or I will have to spend more money that I don’t have. goddamn credit card companies. phukem. nukem. duke.


gustavo gustavo Artist from Brazil


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