Davidko19 Davidko19 Human

so psyched this shirt came back from the dead. Just bought!

kstein kstein Artist

Awesome design Jimiyo. Congratulations on Shirt of the Month as well!

bogoio bogoio Artist

:o! is this a vector????

tmund tmund Human

i might buy this shirt

Beautiful work jimiyo.

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States
man you are killin’ me. I’m a new huge fan!
Rodney Rodney Human

Congrats Jimiyo, I have another one of your designs that you printed up yourself. This one’s nice as well!

pottie pottie Human

I have so much fun with the shirts that i have from you….and i am not 20…30…? I will be here for life!!

handle handle Artist

This shirt is awesome man. I luv these tight designs that you do with all the flowing elements. I’ll probably buy it in a bit.

I bow to you and your greatness at details and flow of design. :)

stone stone Artist

great stuff

Glad this came back, I snatched it up!

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

is this really cream and sugar? i thought cream and sugar was darker and more yellowish?

reprint in large?

logic logic Human

Amazing work! A reprint in Large would be appreciated (and not just by me!) :)

laeon laeon Human

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo nice!!

infernum infernum Human

amazing shirt, truly original, bought it without a second thought!

Kchi Kchi Human

more MEDIUM please !

wow! please please reprint in medium, and might as well do it in large too.

Makas Makas Human

reprint in large !!!

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