PureMagic PureMagic Artist
I love the shirt, but could you take out the lion and the lamb, and everything else, and just leave the star?
reizarf reizarf Human

REPRINT. I need one.

crispcat crispcat Human

Love the design, need an xxl



Feeling the linework, tight !

julzeye julzeye Human

love love love it

peter peter Human

I really like this design, however unlike the others I kind of like the star. But it would look okay without it as well.

nelloforesto nelloforesto Artist from Italy

This is a great work. but fashion is full of this stuff. better on paper

reefer420 reefer420 Human

I love this – one of the best designs here… but on the back please!

the linework’s impressive


kamerleon kamerleon Artist

Fortunately I was sit down when I saw your design… Amazing! Indeed! I need it

BubuSam BubuSam Artist from Malaysia

Impressive masterpiece!!

Turanli Turanli Human

Reprint! I want it!

My brother got this a year and a half ago and it still looks amazing on him. Truly a phenomenal shirt!

sacquef sacquef Artist from Peru

I’m staring this atm and is just pure eye candy.

mandoman mandoman Human

Awesome! Can’t wait to get mine!

graphell graphell Artist

I really like it.

can i get this T-Shirt..

damn..u’re the Man Jim..

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