Intrepid Intrepid Artist

I think this is great and would probably work well at another site. DBH is more about art then funny puns and concepts but theres alot of sites that cater perfectly to designs like this. This is a really great idea though.

Croso88 Croso88 Human

This is awesome, keep up the good work

Mr_Barker Mr_Barker Human

OHHHHHH MY GODDD! I want this! Hahaha

that’s boba cool

Khrage54 Khrage54 Human

awesome. i second intrepid however.

ElderMoon ElderMoon Artist

I am all about art being much more than a design, but honestly this is a site that sells t-shirts. “Art” belongs in a much more appreciated medium. I wanted to design a shirt.

I appreciate the feedback, and I’ve submitted this to other sites, this is the one that accepted posting it.

Wipeoutt31 Wipeoutt31 Human from United States

DBH will NEVER print anything Star Wars related. Take it over to Split Reason.

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