yufradt yufradt Artist

Sweet +1

squash squash Human

I like the colors! The combination of the black and gray really makes the red stand out.

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

My advice to you would be to move it much closer to the bottom and closer to the ide so you don’t seen that fade on the end of the branch if you’re looking frontwards. I’d also make the bird bigger because it’s the main focus of your design. Nice design though and thanks so much for the help with mine. +1, good luck on your future submissions!

K1lljoy K1lljoy Human

Cardinals are sweet!

St-Arcana St-Arcana Artist

Thanks for the advice everyone!

@Intrepid – You’re welcome! And thanks for the idea. I was kind of worried that it would look strange if the bird was so large that it covers part of another branch. What do you think?
And here’s a different placement:

I think it is a sweet idea but feel maybe a little more texture for the branches? I can see where you are going with the design factor of the simple spiked branches but it just seems without a little more texture or differing from straight lines it contrasts with the cool bird character you drew. Over all great idea though.

St-Arcana St-Arcana Artist

Ok! I’ll definitely take that into consideration! I’ll probably resubmit this design. C:

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

I’d also have to agree with Will, if you could add some sort of texture to it it’d be better (Don’t make it too strong though). Much better job on the placement though.

St-Arcana St-Arcana Artist

Alrighty! I think I’ll see what other critiques I get on this and then take a shot and editing it to get the placement and textures in place. I’ll try changing the size of the bird too and see how that looks.

dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines

good job +1

Atma_Gyan Atma_Gyan Human

Love it! I also go for the lower placement and slightly bigger cardinal.

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