samtdesign samtdesign Artist from United States

Like the design. Voted +1. Please if you like my submission, vote for me!

endejester endejester Artist

lovely <3 especially on the blue!

Nice use of birds, you forgot to erase the foot overlapping on the thumb of your placement model.

aman aman Artist

woah I love this, all my family have your ultimate t-shirt :) we love it

eyesloveyou eyesloveyou Artist

I always got sth with colors…
good 1!

bettykinz bettykinz Human

at first I thought the birds were flying out, but they are flying to the rescue. fun.

pilihp pilihp Artist

brown version ftw, olly!

RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia


ItsMrPants ItsMrPants Artist

Interesting concept! I like it! :D

bluehair bluehair Artist

While I’m not convinced that “rescue” is conveyed in the image, I find the blue version quite evocative.

For me, the brown/yellow version looks like “a step too far” — as if you were unsatisified with the blue and tried to fix it by dressing it up… or that the brown/yellow was the rough draft. All the emotion that is clear in the blue is lost in the brown.

But the blue one touches me and has my vote.

smitten_kitten smitten_kitten Human from United States

lovely on blue

Beautiful, I love the blue version

Rudeboy Rudeboy Human

Reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock… The Birds!!
I think either one works..

Flushy5391 Flushy5391 Human from Mexico


Kristeeya Kristeeya Human from United States

GIVE ME THIS! I like the blue one just a tad bit better than the brown ;D

Defame89 Defame89 Artist from Missouri, United States


psychopsychedellic psychopsychedellic Artist from cebu, Philippines

love d layout…print+1

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