St-Arcana St-Arcana Artist

I love the colors here, but I feel like the sharp outline of the girl looks strange compared to the wispy-ness of the hair, and I think the gradient should continue all the way down the shirt instead of stopping in a circle.

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

I have to agree with St. It’s a great idea and it’s really nice, but when you first see the shirt, it looks like two random weird shapes and only upon further inspection do you see that it is a girl. Great job on your first DBH submission, I’m hoping to see more from you.

ChaMar ChaMar Artist

Thank you for your honest replies:)

Mr_Barker Mr_Barker Human

I like that it almost looks like a tree at first glance

maz_b2000 maz_b2000 Human

I thought it was a tree too. I like the idea of this image covering more of the shirt.. But thats just how I like my shirts. Nice work though :)

dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines

nice work +1

amazing. this is honestly the most alluring design ive seen just scrolling thru dbh submissions for an hour or so. hope it gets printed!

Siege Siege Artist


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