Intrepid Intrepid Artist

I think the whole ‘I’m not wearing a suit/vest/tie/etc, i’m only wearing a t-shirt!” concept is a bit overdone and theres nothing outstanding about this design that overcomes the fact that it’s been done before. Nice presentation and good mock-up, but I don’t think I’d wear this as a t-shirt.

JordieBo JordieBo Artist

I’ve seen very similar ones in New Look, but your design is better.

momoreda14 momoreda14 Human from Egypt

it’s a little bit classic but nicely done.. +1

Techmoo Techmoo Human from AZ, United States

Very nice I thought it was a vest. You did it in a classy way. Well done

Zintu Zintu Human

I like your “Meditation Time”. If it is available could you please post a contact email address?

Thank you…

JLCdesigns JLCdesigns Artist

Cool! I’d wear one.

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