This is really cool I like the color and design!
And the description fits it!

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

On the topic of the design, I think that you made the main subject of the design, the tunnel, wayyy too small. The tunnel is where all the artwork, all the colors, all the niceness is. IMO, it shouldn’t be a little small thing in the corner there, it should take over the shirt.

Enjoylife Enjoylife Human

I kind of like where it is it doesn’t over power the shirt like others. The tunnel could be birggee

blindmelon blindmelon Artist from United States

Looks alot like the Muse album cover ‘Uprising’..

CatPrime CatPrime Artist from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

That’s because it is.

blindmelon blindmelon Artist from United States

Ahh I see
I just think it should’ve been typed in the info nice job though!!

jmarc jmarc Artist

Thnx… It was a influential part of the design I loved the idea of the tunnel filled with colors r u a fan of the band blind?

wow i really like this how can i buy it?

mirOman mirOman Artist from California, United States

Yeah this is the album cover of Muse! This a rip-off….

conanru conanru Human

god i hope this shirt doesn’t get printed

The colors of the shirt dont set the right mood thats with the shirt. it seems like bright light kiddy colors are in it. and the design and color dont match

tahar tahar Artist

simple concept and great ideas :)

Snugg Snugg Human

Good job stealing this from muse tool.


I hope this crap doesn’t get printed, what a hack

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