3CardMonte 3CardMonte Artist from United States

I like the TV and arms themselves, but I think placement could be better. It doesnt blend too well in my opinion, but the concept is neat and the art itself is well executed.

Good luck!

Paper_Cult_Rerun Paper_Cult_Rerun Artist from Virginia, United States

Thank you for the feedback; now that I look at it it’s hard to ignore the contrast between the shirt than the tv and, as you said, the placement seems off as a result. I plan to edit this soon so that I can do the art some justice.

3CardMonte 3CardMonte Artist from United States

No problem. I think it would look good if maybe you used a white shirt and made the whole shirt background look like static and maybe lighten the tv itself it’d look pretty freakin cool

rogerin rogerin Artist

The Ring..

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