daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

nice! I think it needs a bit more interest towards the bottom of the tee but really good stuff!

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

As Dale said, this is really cool, but there has to be something more then just that building, the bottom of the shirt is too blank otherwise…. Nice job with it though, its a shame it’s not bigger so you can see the details more clearly…

eembach eembach Human from TX, United States

An interesting placement, unique idea, but you can do more with this.

johniS johniS Artist from Switzerland

i would wear this!

sayahelmi sayahelmi Artist from Indonesia

aggree with intrepid, it’s nice to see the pic more bigger to see the details.

rogerin rogerin Artist

the design looks fine…as the others said, needs justa a better placement..+1

Plushu Plushu Artist from France

Thanks for all your comments.
I’m looking for a subtle and quiet design, not the standard stark and impressive design, hence the placement and composition, most of the tee being filled with the grain of the soil.

A matter of taste, for sure, but it’s meant to be understated, and I’m prepared to have it overlooked for being at odds with traditional T-shirt designs ;)

Nice design! +1

lindsayerinn lindsayerinn Artist from United States

i think it should just be bigger and centered more on the shirt. did you draw this or is it from a photo? cause if you drew it, that’s some badass detail.

lindsayerinn lindsayerinn Artist from United States

sorry, didn’t read the sidenote :) you did a good job with the photography, i just stick with what i said above. and maybe add a bright color in there as a highlight. voted nonetheless.

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