ItsMrPants ItsMrPants Artist

Awesome!! I love it!

stashvamps stashvamps Artist

this seriously creeps me out. im curious to see how it translates t print

Now the computer game industry can keep with the good work;=)

Edgar Edgar Human

great work :D

aman aman Artist

you were on the first page for such a long time, you have good luck, that DBH just got screwed up now ;)

moxanot moxanot Human

sea foam has always looked kind of gross to me.

This picture belongs in a frame. The only time someone would wear a shirt like this is when eating lamb in a casual setting.

mumolabs mumolabs Artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

wow… awesome!!!

yaniv yaniv Artist

Thanks for the comments everyone!

barumunk barumunk Human

i think its cool, but i was just wondering, from an illurtration point of view, wouldnt (in that perspective) the viewer see another horn?

yaniv yaniv Artist

It’s behind his head :)

endejester endejester Artist

The only thing that bothers me is that the horn goes onto the sleeve. I’d be worried about interrupting the design when I moved my arm (but I’m odd like this)
Wonderful design though and nice simple colors!

scumbagg scumbagg Artist

i love the style you have here, it really stands out from other designs. but it reminds me too much of the death metal scene right now. great design, but not my style.

designbyjas designbyjas Artist

I would buy this, u got skill

I like how it takes up the entire t-shirt. It makes the design much better.

Jnureno Jnureno Human

Good comment, jester. Its true, the horn gets lost on the sleeve, unless its being worn by a scarecrow ;) Besides the placement, I think the colors are great. I don’t see romance, like the poem youve written, but a picture like that is certainly open to interpretation. The entire piece reminds me of those fantasy shirts with dragons and fairies, only whats good about this one is its much darker.

teddyboy teddyboy Human

gorgeous work, but not right for a t-shirt, i think. i very much dig your style, though.

opifan64 opifan64 Artist from Canada

wonderful illustration. +1 vote

juss juss Artist

scary but nice!

deadlycow deadlycow Human

WOW gj! ,but anyway i think we do should see another horn (but only if it is horn and not his tail ;) )

smitten_kitten smitten_kitten Human from United States

great illustration, wow

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