rogerin rogerin Artist

great use of the shirt….nice illustra as well…+1

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

Awesome job on your first DBH submission, the color is really nice and I could definetly see this as a girls tee….

rendy_hubby rendy_hubby Artist

all : thanks support for me sir :)

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

awesome Intrepid was right

rendy_hubby rendy_hubby Artist

inkong : thanks sir :)

drjy drjy Artist from United States

Cool design. Creative use of the space.


I’m diggin this one!=)

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

I think it’s an excellent illustration, but I’ll bring up something brought up in the beginner’s/“why was my design rejected” thread — why would I (as a girl) want to wear a random chick’s face? Granted, it’s a really pretty and well done face, but I’m not sure why I’d wear it. The other shirts that DBH usually prints that have “random” faces are part of a larger design, not JUST the face/person.

Just something to keep in mind.

rendy_hubby rendy_hubby Artist

all : thx support for me :)

karyn2002 : thanks sir :)

streetouts streetouts Artist

love it

yellowpulp yellowpulp Artist


rendy_hubby rendy_hubby Artist

all : thanks support for me :)

tks-lowskill tks-lowskill Artist from SUB, Indonesia

print it

rendy_hubby rendy_hubby Artist

job on me for DBH submission
up for your voting pleasure…. :)




+1 good job….nice illustration

rendy_hubby rendy_hubby Artist

all : thanks sir…
thanks support for me :)

vinbasshred vinbasshred Artist from Texas, United States

k you did it to me so here’s my designs, please vote cause they’re the best:




johniS johniS Artist from Switzerland

this needs more votes!

dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines

this is so lovely :D

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