miireni miireni Artist

Awesome! It reminds me of Zelda the Wind Waker! : )

AlbertJoy AlbertJoy Artist

Thanks so much miireni!

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

A cool mix of alot of different objects and designs….. +1

lhrichard lhrichard Artist

I like it!
I wouldn’t use it because there’s to many flowers on it, I would like to see a guy’s version of it.

Still gets my vote. +1

DV_Prints DV_Prints Artist

I like it. Great choice of colours. If a guy is too insecure with themselves to wear something like this, too bad for them.

rogerin rogerin Artist

uhuu…like this a lot…great job..+1

elpatriarca elpatriarca Artist

This is awesome +1

AlbertJoy AlbertJoy Artist

thanks to all guys

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