yanmos yanmos Artist from Greece


lucylove lucylove Human

This shirt is amazing! It is funny and cute. I want to wear it without a bra.

reyyy reyyy Artist

whoa cool! i didn’t even know you had a shirt up. i dig it. voted.

teddyboy teddyboy Human

why do i like this so much?
i do not know.

jfish jfish Artist

I do not find this shirt design to be a joke at all, and I can say this with absolute intimate knowledge as well. Andrew draws very bizarre subject matter in this vein, its what he likes to draw, and its not “intended to be funny/quirky/goofy/a joke”. He takes his artwork seriously and with pride, and so do I. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion though, so you can think it a joke shirt if you like, just take into account that it was not the intention.

umidity umidity Human


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