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Great design. I love the sense you get from the robot of wonderment and love.As it is meant to be cold calculating machine you get a sense of joy as if it were a child finding it first adventure.

Great placement and awesome design, the way you added expression to his face is amazingly illustrated… +1

really touching and the colors are great :D

thanks for the great comments so far. This really gives me some kind of hope.

Sick design. I would totally rock that. Cool raver shirt!

hehehehe…funny robot…voted

I like this!

Yep, I’m a guy and a would definitely buy it :)

Fantastic work dude” very cool concept, I like it. b’coz of that +1 to u :D

I hate the blue… But love the idea!

Thanks again, it feels great to get good feedback! Anybody else have a sketchbook blog? I’m looking for more to read and of course, to get more readers. Mine’s at

Thanks silentOP!

this is awesome…the red contrast is great!!!+1

Haha, thanks. I wish I were getting more votes but I guess it will take some time to network with other artists and start getting more voters.

Really like the placement and character work here.


hahha…! nice………
Pls vote for my design too..

lovely placement, nice work too ;).

nice concept!

Want! I don’t like colors as a fashion -Im more prevee to black, but this is freaking awesome! I love robots. Awesomesauce!

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