ha! fatboss ftw!! XD

derekdeal derekdeal Human

nice work duder, diggin it

teddyboy teddyboy Human

this is INTENSE. i really like the style of it, but i wish it didn’t just make a big block, y’know?

dope one mate! keep it up:)

challen14 challen14 Artist

voted !!!!! great color

fadi fadi Human

this is going to get printed for sure!

kooky-love kooky-love Artist from Semarang, Indonesia



Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

yeaaaa voted!


wow this sucks.. kidding, voted!

SmirapDesigns SmirapDesigns Artist from Greece

just got my vote too!

nellie nellie Human

please print this i keep checking back to see if i can buy it yet.

opifan64 opifan64 Artist from Canada

awesome. voted

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

voted! hope this gets printed!

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

very cool

nellie nellie Human

still not printed? is there any other way i can get this on a tee-shirt please reply.

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

print print print

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