Arg, anyone know when this will be back in stock for med/large?

stratazzz stratazzz Human

MEDIUM PLEASE buying three once they’re back.

willzyx willzyx Human

EPIC! Please reprint in large.

dang i want this shirt

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia


mens large please:D

gato1987 gato1987 Human

this is the best tee

CardinalGoldstein CardinalGoldstein Human from Arizona, United States


playful playful Artist

great great tee man!

stratazzz stratazzz Human

Med Please! buying 3 next time they’re in stock..

The sequel to this, in a more cartoony version, is on my page. :)

uber_uter uber_uter Human

Please reprint large.

Have i mentioned how much i enjoy the hell out of this shirt at least once a month? Well, i just did.

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

wow out of men’s again!

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt

please reprint
large size

howabout howabout Human

Wicked crazy, awesomeness. Indeed.

iggi_09 iggi_09 Human

This is a legend in my books.

Justinspire Justinspire Artist

i want one T.T no more size small

Medium!!! PLEASE

What size do you think that guy have on on that pic? What ever it is i want a size a little bit bigger.

Darn i want one! I’m gonna wear that every where. I cant wait to draw me up some designs.

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