devious devious Human

Hey! There are birds in your hat/head :)

Congrats is awesome, looked like Bruno Mars to me for a bit!
And does anyone know who the female model is?

Bought :D :D :D

liveontae liveontae Human

So is it this vivid in real life? It seems to be mixed results. Please let me know before my size is gone!!!!

upinthestarsx3 upinthestarsx3 Artist from United States

you know, this print has kind of been growing on me. wish i had money to buy it :[
i really love the green on black in this…i think my favorite part is the colors.

Oh...ThatGuy Oh...ThatGuy Human from AL, United States

Balls!! I finally get paid so I can buy this one and its sold out! This is a no bueno situation..

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

I got this as a gift and am wearing it today. So totally awesome.

Something about this design is a little unsettling but yet peaceful at the same time. It’s freaky how much I like this :)

mdanuser mdanuser Human


mkoujan mkoujan Human


prem prem Artist from andhra pradesh, India

reprint pls…....

chardsnet chardsnet Human


brunelle_escobar brunelle_escobar Human from Canada

reprint please

YoRabbit YoRabbit Human

please reprint… you would make many people happy!

jujupiter jujupiter Human

Please reprint!!


neddy neddy Human

Reprint please!

miyazaki89 miyazaki89 Human from Italy

It’s like the book cover “La coscenza di Zeno” by Italo Svevo! Great work =)

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