Vimono Vimono Human

Wow! this is epically awesome!! Bought and waiting to receive :D Takes forever to get to Australia

I love DBH... you guys come up with the COOLEST shirts. And what’s best… it’s almost impossible to run into someone with the same shirt.


parisvanjava parisvanjava Artist from jakarta, Indonesia

hi, wow your pastantic was really a very smart,
congratulations, have a lot of your designs in screen printing in DBH,
if you do not mind please his guidance, so I can sit on you,,
successful greetings

pjimeco pjimeco Human

it came in the mail kind of sticky, and then when I put it in the washer some of the colors got faded and tiny parts of the design have like scratches in them D: I don’t think it’s my washer either, i’ve washed plenty of other shirts, and the other shirt i ordered from here was fine

I really liked the design though, i just wish it would have stayed on the shirt and the not faded, or got little scratches near the lines on top T_T

mikeboucher21 mikeboucher21 Human from Connecticut, United States

i got this like a week ago and it looks amazing. better than i expected. the shirt fits well too.

Alect176 Alect176 Human

Please reprint this design in medium! Would love to purchase!

GGT413 GGT413 Human

Love the swag.. ooww

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