rusta13 rusta13 Human
My mother use to have a HairDryer that looks alot like this ... I like it .. it takes me back .. I think. R
Katwoman Katwoman Human

Great job. it looks amazing.Not many people can make art like that look strange but amazing at the same time. good job.

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States

HA! murfreesboro TN…. you friends with that other guy from the boro? i lived there for 25 years. used to get my beer from the center of the universe… davis market.

as far as the image… they’re not gonna print it unless you get like a thousand votes cause they look where the votes come from. and thats if they believe your 1000 friends are going to buy it too.

I’d buy that for a dollar!

Foster Foster Artist

I don’t get it.

as you can tell from my name, I’m a huge fan

wehoRob wehoRob Human

I’m with Foster. I don’t get this one either. Can someone explain this design, as well as the reason why it’s getting so many votes with so few comments?

I don’t get it either.

anayaham anayaham Human

Awesome shirt! (Great job!)

it’s danny devito, isn’t it?

Edie Edie Human

Love it! This design is something I can relate to!

stashvamps stashvamps Artist

i cant really tell whats happening. and thats ok. i like it.

jkb3k jkb3k Human

sweet design!

themotown themotown Human

adam! you’re neat!

klr2v klr2v Human

this looks so crazy! i really like it!

gaskill gaskill Artist

reasons? no reason, art needs none. thanks for the votes everyone. i want to wear my shirt.

Yeah this is not very good

Edie Edie Human

I like it!! Marc Jacobs has probs already stolen this fashion ‘concept’ for his 2009 collection (the year he reinvents himself.)

pasebias pasebias Human

horrible, sorry

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