rogerin rogerin Artist

remember me a peach…+1

a is for AWESOME! +1

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

I share your love of CMYK... Great job with the colors and splash effect, +1

ferizuku ferizuku Artist from Colombia

interesting +1

JEngerbret JEngerbret Artist

I like the idea, but the splashes and drips seem a bit unnatural… you know? The drips kinda fan out, I would suggest splattering some black paint on something white, then take a pic, then photoshop it. Might look better than these stock-y looking ones??? Maybe? Thats just my two cents I guess.

michaelscottmurphy michaelscottmurphy Artist from IL, United States

I made 90% of those drips myself with india ink on paper then scanned them in.

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