HoppyJoe HoppyJoe Artist

I like it :D Love the simplenss and then the colour combination! You should have made a body i suppose ;) VOTE

GraphicDude GraphicDude Artist

Thanks for the warm welcome! and thanks for the first vote HappyJoe! cheers!

thaGXT thaGXT Human

Nice Work man!! ;)

Konsa Konsa Human

I love the colors!! well done!

BennyBlaq BennyBlaq Human

I think it’ll look cooler on a BLAQ tee!! did you try?!

Faya man! This ish going hard man! Keep up the good work!! I want to see more works!!!


Sounds_Nerdy Sounds_Nerdy Human from Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Looks great!

GraphicDude GraphicDude Artist

Thanks everybody so far for your comments and voting!
@BennyBlaq: Yeah, well I tried first on black actually. But somehow it seemed as if the Black would “devour” too much of the detail! The eye candy effect is much better on white!

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