Maxvador Maxvador Artist from France

Haha nice !

addu addu Artist from Maharashtra, India


D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Hilarious! loves the character, I wish I could see more of this. Very nice, I would rock it out :)

polynothing polynothing Artist from California, United States

Large comment:

greentaylorsimms greentaylorsimms Artist from United Kingdom

LOL... liking this one too.

PenGrapH PenGrapH Artist from Parijs van Java, Indonesia

Nice !

Ncwwsww Ncwwsww Artist from Thailand

COOL +! :D

rtofirefly rtofirefly Artist from United States

haha this is hilarious. although, i enjoy the positive message on your other comic shirt much more. Either way though, this one gets a vote too!

By the way, you didn’t do the best job of erasing your ties to another competing tee site that starts with a T, but has much less to offer. Aside from the ‘loves’ comment in your description, you’ve also named it directly on the Flickr page hosting this image. Maybe you can fix that :)

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

This is really good! I’d wear it! :) +1

slapz slapz Artist


Olsson Olsson Human

Love it :D

melanies_felony melanies_felony Artist from Melbourne, Australia

This looks great, you’re very talented. +1

sakshamputtu sakshamputtu Artist from Karnataka, India

creative concept, nice story ;).

Great design!

Bisparulz Bisparulz Artist

print! +

kakolak kakolak Artist from France

That’s just awesome ! Voted. +1

MaGoogals MaGoogals Artist

Nice one, voted!

polynothing polynothing Artist from California, United States

Thanks for the feedback you guys!

soloyo soloyo Human from United States


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