aman aman Artist

Good chinese stuff :) +1 vote

ideaearte ideaearte Artist


I wish to have this on a shirt!! It’s soooooo FUN!

Lilav Lilav Human

I really hope I get to buy this one day :D

Oooh, I second the gold foil comment. This guy deserves to be properly reflective. hehe

The colors on this one are absolutely gorgeous. I am really diggin’ the green/blue on his body.

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Oh yeah this dude is totally getting gold foil. The thin yellow line that goes around his body (outside the black line) will be gold. It will look rad!

eyesloveyou eyesloveyou Artist


Mendo Mendo Human

Love, love, love the colors on this guy!

Manki Manki Artist

Again , great design. I could imagine gold foil would look great with it.

Shoo Shoo Human

Big fan of your suff MissMonster. Hope to see more. Fantastic design!

Dyaus Dyaus Human

Gilb, I quote: “please be courteous and constructive with your criticisms.”
I guess you know where is located this sentence.

endejester endejester Artist

Fantastic design <3 Popping colors and quite fun!

Desperatly hope at least one of your designs make it <3

gutochaves gutochaves Artist


Beastlies Beastlies Human

I would absolutely wear this.

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Lookout, captain butthurt Dara is back to dish out more jewels of wisdom. Go make a shirt, quit crying about my votes, fool! :)

c2designs c2designs Artist
tiina tiina Human

I would wear this for sure. Rock on Melly!

Ranshiin Ranshiin Human

This dynamic and vivacious shirt design is fun to see. The monster looks as if he’s in a boisterous mood, and overflowing with mischievous desires. I hope he captures enough votes to be printed and sold!

Dara Dara Artist

I make plenty of tees, usually around 3 – 5 a week, you obviously can draw. I’m just saying the content feels really dated. I could really careless. There are not enough honest people on this site to give real critique.

Dara Dara Artist

Sears clearance rack… circa 1998. Sorry man this feels SOOO dated. I’m amazed your stuff is getting this many votes.

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