Muchi Muchi Artist from Puerto Rico, United States

nice! and ya, good colors

DanMazkin DanMazkin Artist from Victoria, Australia

I like it, the crows don’t look too happy to be caught in the rain though, haha


really like it +1

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

nice colors! +1

song song Artist from Dubai, UAE / Manila, United Arab Emirates

print this

PrimordialOoze PrimordialOoze Artist from Germany

Good job! I like it darker, but we have a both a spot on crows.

afrinix afrinix Human from South Australia, Australia

Like the colours and the drips, works well. Good colour for the t-shirt too, black and white are used too often. Good work :)

xiaobaosg xiaobaosg Artist from Singapore

Wow! cool!

leech_ leech_ Artist from Philippines

wow, nice illustration, love this on white!

Ramon.b Ramon.b Artist from ES, Brazil


campkatie campkatie Artist from Georgia, United States


hafaell hafaell Artist from Brazil

Linda ! +1

imagohun imagohun Artist

nice work, +1!

kervinf kervinf Artist

I want to draw like YOU!

lennot lennot Artist


Lovely, thanks for not making the crows cliche and boring +1

choppre choppre Artist from Maryland, United States

sick! great use of watercolors

Migoto Migoto Human from SP, Brazil

I love it!

ENAJUSTES ENAJUSTES Artist from Mar del Plata, Bs. As., Argentina

Great illo

DerickJames DerickJames Artist from United States

love it

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