tee_na tee_na Artist


blank blank Artist


Joolz Joolz Artist

Superbes couleurs !

aniogn916 aniogn916 Human

its got my vote!

piwa piwa Human

great collage & love the colors! i like how it’s positioned on the tshirt photo shown than the position on the line drawing..

This really illustrates the unconscious being and the notion of the newly form body. The questions are still here in reality but the answers are not! Great Shirt!!

nile49 nile49 Human

what is oversized softhand?

ozmotion ozmotion Human

cool… very alex grey-esque

MaHa MaHa Human

will this shirt come in any other size than small?

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt

large reprint plzzzz

Looks amazing, can’t wait for large reprint

magnifique même si c’est pas la taille que je veux je le prend quand même

RickA RickA Human

I love this shirt, just bought it! My favorite so far. Great colors, awesome design… well done sir, well done

artschool artschool Artist

i bought it cause its sick. and then Swerve Magazine took a pic of me wearing it cause they were doing an article on cool shirts..and they were stoked on it.

jessybah jessybah Human

I really like this shirt. and like others have said it looks like alex grey. aka excellent =]

urban outfitters has a shirt with the exact same face on it

Une de mes potes anglais m’a fait remarquer que mechanique etait ecrit a la francaise. Ca me fait l’aimer encore plus! (le tee pas le pote!)

conker conker Artist

Bravo il est magnifique !!!

casajordi casajordi Artist from France

Yes ! so happy !

casajordi casajordi Artist from France

The result is amazing !

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