ClairBear3 ClairBear3 Artist from Iowa, United States

It’s soooooo AWESOME! :D

Why thank you ClairBear! that’s a nice thing to say!... too awesome to be on a shirt with all the fading and bluring effects and such though… but who cares! I send them in anyway ha ha

still trying to figure what i like about this design ^^

voted #FTW

Although I’ve got an art background I’ve only been designing t’s for about three weeks, I’m trying something new every day trying to find “my style”, this one is a bit much for a t shirt, I’m probably just going to get it printed properly and hang it on my wall, This is my fav, my friend think it’s a bit girly, but to me what they see as a “love heart” I see as a symbol of courage or spirit

Tanks for the comments ya’all!

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