Sirvector Sirvector Artist

great job!

rtofirefly rtofirefly Artist from United States

love it! really love the expression on the bear’s face :) I already have 2 bear shirts and I would rock this in a heart beat.

OmegaMan5000 OmegaMan5000 Artist from United States

I really detest bear shirts, but I like this illustration and the pied piper concept a lot.

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

Very nice.

ENAJUSTES ENAJUSTES Artist from Mar del Plata, Bs. As., Argentina

Sweet illo


great job!!

deepflare deepflare Artist

amazing detail

Ncwwsww Ncwwsww Artist from Thailand

Luv it , must print !!!!:D

DanielTeixeira DanielTeixeira Artist from Portugal

Wow so many votes, thanks everyone!!

AgostoFilipino AgostoFilipino Artist from Manila, Philippines

a bear with school of fish! amazing sketch plus the subtle gradient = +1

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