fofocone fofocone Human

lots of dumbs and amateurs designers

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

Hey fofocone! Grow up! yay!

fofocone fofocone Human

I tell you to grow up and have formal studies at university instead of praising common-sense-amateurish illustrations

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States

looks great on the shirt

Fofocone why are you still here if you hate the shirt so much? It’s not like you get a notification that someone left a comment here, which means you keep checking this page. Surely you have better things to do?

igo2cairo igo2cairo Artist from Canada

Congrats! This looks really amazing.

fofocone fofocone Human

The question is not about me. Im just trying to show better “designs” to the common public. There was no planning on this, the guy just thought “I’ll make an rad/freaking/stylish illustration, cause people just have eyes not brains to interpret ideas”

Maybe fofocone should go make some “better” designs to show to the common public than watching this page. :p Have something in your gallery before saying stuff like that.

Awesome job, missmonster! :) Congrats.

UD77 UD77 Artist


mykie1234 mykie1234 Human

Just ordered it. Thanks for kickin’ a$$!

Rocky2435 Rocky2435 Human

So sweet. Great design.


very creative

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Ah there are so many designs I have never ever seen. Thanks to the Staff picks this has an end now!

camsaprana25 camsaprana25 Artist from FL, United States

i love this may purchase one

fanafox fanafox Human

I just got my shirt, and it’s sweet. Kudos on a great design. :)

kc_6201 kc_6201 Human

Reprint please!

Jestik Jestik Human

I NEED !!!

please reprint….


damn this shirt is rad!


malygos malygos Human


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