jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States

i like this one. and i like your sassiness. your website is pleasing too. the colors makes me feel like im all warm and fuzzy like im taking a bath in Calgon. cheers

Midori Midori Human
oh man i so want this on a shirt this is freaken AWESOME. i need new awesome shirts.
aconitez aconitez Human from New York, United States

you got my vote, i’d definitely buy it.

tekuryuu tekuryuu Human

Hey Mel, that’s a great idea!... I have only one thought… You should move him UP on the shirt maybe… I always tuck my shirts in, so much of the monster would get lost in the depths on us folk with shorter torsos… ne? love it tho, vote in!

If (for some reason) this isn’t printed here….can you please get it done somewhere else? It’s an awesome design. I’d totally love one. (and a foo dog as well!)


mgsuth01 mgsuth01 Human

Woot! We like it! Bravo!-Cadaver Dog

I’d so buy this. XD

aman aman Artist

Wow, didn’t think this reaches so high! anyway, very nice work, hope it gets printed :)

Buddles Buddles Human

Hey hey girl. Good luck with the votes. :)

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Hey Tek, that’s a good point. I didnt even think about that! Thanks for pointing it out, i’ll consider that with my next design, hmmmmm…

Calgon, take me away! :D
tastyhills tastyhills Artist

lol “dont be so youtube about it.” good quote. would the tenticals on the right wrap around? i think it should be moved over if not, but i do like the off center. +1

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Haha, thanks tastyhills. I’d love for the tentacles to wrap around, thats a cool idea. I wonder if DBH has any plans for this option in the future? Or do they have this and i missed it?

yaniv yaniv Artist

They’re probably printing this while the shirt is flat so it’s going to be hard for them to sync the back and the front properly. It probably makes the printing costs higher. Though I would love having the tentacles wrap to the back as well.

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt

Print pleaseee

Caserooni Caserooni Human

how does this have 189 votes?

Aweeesome design! Really hope it gets printed!

yaniv yaniv Artist

I don’t get it, how come you didn’t win shirt of the day Fab 29 ???? This was top of the list!

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States

hmmm this should print already

endejester endejester Artist

@ Caserooni – Because almost 200 people whom bothered to vote think its awesome. :3

And Yeah, I agree atomic. T_T Its still in the top faves and nothing.

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