dkershaw dkershaw Artist from United Kingdom

Much better :)



ClairBear3 ClairBear3 Artist from Iowa, United States

Really like the idea

Like the concept… Just hate those huge graphics…. will this fad ever end??

Nice one dude, I’ll totally buy that

GayGuy12 GayGuy12 Human

That T-shirt is like soo k00l. I would buy like 100 of them

zezima zezima Human

Make one RS themed

shincity shincity Human

Nice, I’m gonna make my own thanks to you

Thanks for the support guys

this is totally sick id buy these with all of my money! hope u win so i can buy them

I am looking forward to your future submissions

nataliec nataliec Human

i think the gun should be smaller and the rainbow show be bigger. i still like it

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