incubus1023 incubus1023 Artist

EPHINE: why not call all ur friends and let them vote for ur design like what we did for sleepismyhero do not make any comments as if ur accusing him of doing things which he doesnt know. We help him very much by calling all my friends and requesting them to vote for the entry of sleepismyhero.

-Well because it’s not a popularity contest you’re supposed to be voting on the artwork not who has the most friends. Because a design is lowsy it should win because he got all his friends to vote for it? That doesn’t make any sense. At the end of the day this is a business and shirts should be produced that are going to sell.

dude you sounded so desperate in wining. lets just leave it to the DBH community to decide whether this design gets the privilege to be printed or not. But dude, with all the hate statements and discrimination you’ve given me, it destroys the essence of designing. you can’t just point out to people and accuse them of something they did not even do.

aww….on the bad comments ^^a

though i think that this is a very cute design and i like it =D

is voting _ #FTW

Kyrill Kyrill Human

I like the design. Its cute and very nice as a tshirt =D
It just hits all the right spots ><

millkins millkins Artist from Norway

really love it

Bru_ Bru_ Artist

Nice, it’s too Kawaii (cute)!!!!

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