AiGenki AiGenki Human

I like it!

Not crazy about the colors, but its a nice design.

kstein kstein Artist

Thanks for posting a comment. I thought about doing something wild and bright like a few of my other entries. But, I decided to stay with a soft palette to blend more with the cream and sugar and pure silver shirt templates. I wanted a design that blended with the fabric…rather than jumped off of it.

Mymil Mymil Human

The pattern you put on the bird is vaguely reminiscent of some of the patterns ninhol uses, only less colorful. Were you inspired by him?

ideaearte ideaearte Artist

nice work!

Mymil Mymil Human

Thanks for those examples, kstein. I see now that you haven’t been influenced by ninhol, though being influenced by him would not be a bad thing! When I said ‘only less colorful’, that was meant not to be derogatory, but descriptive. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

abeall abeall Artist

Your work is fabulous, kstein, best of luck!

kstein kstein Artist

No. Nothing from ninhol. Actual the patterns I use can be seen in alot of my cubist paintings and pet portraits. (Check out my website. Since these paintings are from 2002 onward, I don’t think I’ve taken any inspiration from the artist you suggest.)The connected swirlies are from a sofa pattern that a customer set me for her pet portrait and the four patterned flower are used throughout my paintings. Feel free to take a look.

kstein kstein Artist

Mymil. Here are just a couple of examples of my work from 2002.
As you can see I have the same designs in these paintings as used in the hummingbird design – which is currently a painting in progress, I might add.)Hope this helps.

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