mmmmm chicken

kuli_grafis kuli_grafis Artist from bandung, Indonesia

cool :-D

hyro7 hyro7 Artist

cute:)) +1

JoshuaAnbu JoshuaAnbu Artist
i like it too! +1 check out mine :)
crbshiv crbshiv Artist

May i test it ????

Nice idea

bottleHeD bottleHeD Artist from India

Hilarious concept, but I’d have like the art to be a little more solid.

lol i would get it =D


zesar77 zesar77 Artist from Madrid, Spain

I think the inspiration is fake! isn´t it? Sorry, but a lot of buddies here are draining the brain to make original designs, not copies. It´s not fair and clean. Your other design is quite good.
Up to you!

VO16 VO16 Human from Canada

This made me lol +1

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