aib21 aib21 Human


To infinity and beyond!

aib21 aib21 Human


To infinity and beyond!

Tala_M Tala_M Human

Deserves all the votes!

Great!! i want to buy one… how do I reserve a medium size… when will it be available… need to know!!

cash cash Artist from Brazil


alterlier alterlier Human

plain awesome.

Wow this is awesome, love it! Good luck.

JengSkry JengSkry Human

xD Such a great design! Hope you win…

bombastic bombastic Human

XD That’s adorable! Hahah!
I love how you have the words in there. “__ was here” and all that. XD
Super cool!

pyjamapj pyjamapj Human

I would love to wear that and see my mum’s reaction! XD

Arnez Arnez Human

Dude! Voted again! Good Luck.

Such a cute design! I really hope you win :)

O_o this is sooo chill…

i’d wear this everydaayy!! Sooo cooll :D

Good luck! I am sure you’ll win!! ^^

Real cool! love the concept!

phamalama phamalama Human

Ah, something that would make my day when I wear it to class…

angieja1 angieja1 Human

Great concept! Very comical, and nice colour choice. I love “rough simplicity” (also my screen name on deviantart.com), because it’s just so natural and original. Definately a t-shirt worth voting for, aside from just buying it. :D Great job, my friend!

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia

i finally half a half decent nights sleep – thanks everyone for voting

Once again, I’m not sure if I commented in this round, but it won’t hurt to.
Wish you all the best in it, it really deserves to win.
I’ve even seen it in other sites “re-bloged”, that’s how popular it got!

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia

thanks rose – yeah I’ve seen it on a lot of sites now, unfortunately a lot of them haven’t posted a link or given any credit so I’m afraid that a lot of that publicity may go unrewarded.

still it’s great it’s getting out their

Howz Howz Artist

voted! Simple but ROCK!!! ;)

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