kallian kallian Human

I hope you win! :)
This shirt is so brilliant, I’d love to buy one! I love the colors and the composition, and the overall concept is just awesome.

There’s just something elegant and magical about this design.. I know I’d buy it!

Nami15 Nami15 Human

I feel the need to vote a million times but am not allowed >> how sorrowful.

Amazing work! Good luck! ;)

Bane Bane Human

Amazing design! I hope you win. I would love to buy the shirt. :)

wolfie157 wolfie157 Human

For some reason I can’t see how many votes you have! D: I hope my vote went through and I hope everyone else’s are too, b/c i love this design.

Sariachan Sariachan Human

I love this design since it has a vaguely traditional Japanese painting-like art style but with richer colours. :)

If it glows in the dark, it will be bought by me within seconds.

fureiya fureiya Human

I love how the design seems to look mystical and how the colors blend together and convey a feeling of calmness and solitude

kc_6201 kc_6201 Human

Love this one! Designs that cover the whole shirt like this are awesome!

I absolutely loved everything about it. The vibe of the waves, the blending of the lines, the colors you used, and I also love how it wraps around the body. It has a mysterious ethereal feel about it, and I think is amazingly done! Congratulations <3

Elora Elora Human

The design is beautiful, and the colors are so perfect, I would be so thrilled to be able to own this shirt. Good luck!

Reidluver Reidluver Human

So . . . if you win, then does that mean this shirt if available to buy? :) Cuz I would totally buy it.

Kimiosiki Kimiosiki Human

It’s beautiful! I love the way it spreads around the shirt, not just in one area, and the colour tones you used are amazing with the sort of landscape it is. The design in itself is drawn marvellously. You have so much talent! I hope this wins! _ Good luck~

Yuuko Yuuko Human

Hope if you win and this shirt been available i find my size to buy :P

Zakou Zakou Human

What a brilliant design! I hope you’ll win!

I try to make a habit of not voting for people I know and artists I watch just because I happen to watch them. However this design is gorgeous, and I’d love to see it on a shirt, even own one. So here’s my vote and best of luck.

mrowr mrowr Human

behindinfinity, you’re amazing :)

ChimKee ChimKee Human

My favorite parts about this design? The color scheme and the Asian-painting feel it has. It’s cool, elegant, and tasteful. :)

kc_6201 kc_6201 Human

I love how detailed the swirls are, and the colors are so beautiful. This design is in my top 3 picks!

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