KiriSosha KiriSosha Human

Very cool, I really like this design!

love it! love it! love it!

p.s. you got my vote!!!

Good luck! I really want to buy this :)

Asagi Asagi Human

so awesome ! i want it :D

bombastic bombastic Human

Que chido! How cool! I like it!

bombastic bombastic Human

Que chido! How cool! I like it!

vishnuu vishnuu Human

I’d absolutely love to own this shirt. It’s so miraculous and whimsical. I really hope you win! :) It’s just amazing.. Flawless job, Jin.

nadz nadz Artist

i like the flow of the waves!

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You would still have 4 colors though, even if the shirt being used was black would you not?

White,Navy,Green,Light-Blue? At least from my count..not sure if something so minor matters..light-blue with some of the stars/clouds by the moon.

Vesper Vesper Artist from Philippines

@StagnantLife: I was thinking bone white (like a very light beige), navy and blue-green. Perhaps the light blue could be achieved by layering the white over the blue-green?

Currently trying to make this design more feasible for possible printing. Not that I’m confident (far from it) that I’ll make it all the way through, but for practice mostly. Any suggestions would be appreciated! :)

I do wonder though about the 3-color limit for overall printing. I could be wrong, but some recently printed shirts seem to have a little over three.
1. a fantastic world from a cup of tea – light olive green, dark forest green, reddish brown, turquoise, white
2. Light_Peace_Love – black, white, bright blue, green, possibly purple (looks a bit different from the purple on the shirt but I could be mistaken)
3. Thunder_Bird – royal blue, violet, magenta, cyan, black

Nothing against the artists, of course! I think these are fantastic. I’m really just interested in learning more about color management for future reference. Are there any forum threads that I’m missing? I’ve tried searching and the closest I’ve read are thestray’s Beginners’ Guide and jimiyo’s post on gradients.

Foxicle Foxicle Human

Followed this from your DA, and I must say I love that you created a glow-in-the-dark version! Absolutely awesome! :)

Plushu Plushu Artist from France

Very cool style!

Popped over from DA to vote for you! I would love to own this shirt! Awesome job.

Identify Identify Human

I like the sophistication.

eligo eligo Artist from Switzerland

i like the details around the moon and at the bottom of the shirt.
i’m also trained traditional artist and i so wish to buy soon a wacom tablet
in order to paint and draw digitally. +1

kiwiperson kiwiperson Artist

Thats a kewl moon.


HEY, wanna help a kiwi?

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

I LOVE this still, I’m so stoked it’s doing well.

Menelek Menelek Human

I would hope that the shirts would look closer to the original where the sleeves and collar are different colors, rather than the black overtaking the top of the shirt. The oversized design looks more like exiting a cave and loses its magic for me.

g0txrice g0txrice Human

i’m not exactly sure why i like this, but there’s something about it that just draws my attention to it. (even though i do love all your work, ahah xD) i guess it’s because it looks fantasy like to me, and i’ve always been drawn to scenic drawings/photographs/etc. and the swirl effects are really neat.

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