WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

ummmm did you actually draw that image?

yeah but I use some reference photo because I’m not good at drawing with the image in my mind…=)

avryel avryel Human

Love the concept here.:) And the art.

Very impressive then.

this maybe a copy of afro samurai but I didn’t copy any artwork from the net. I made a copy of afro samurai my own in Illustrator, I can give you the highest resolution possible if you want Guyz…=) hope you’ll like this soon.. thanks…

thanks avryel…thanks StagnantLife for appreciating my work..=)

lucaspinduca lucaspinduca Artist from Brazil

copy… but awesome! :]

thanks Man…hahaha

ottovontod ottovontod Artist

anything to do with samurai’s has my vote for sure!!!

thanks Ottonvontod..=)

Jefferex Jefferex Artist from United States

What’s with the line gaps? Remove those and I would have voted for you, but it’s too late.

pippi pippi Artist from Brazil

awesome…rad. Just take it off the texture wall!!!+1

kuli_grafis kuli_grafis Artist from bandung, Indonesia

arrrgghht i luv bleeding

HellSuckers HellSuckers Artist

i love this,but without lines in background…
nice job

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