cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

SANCHO! Viva la Mexican Luchador!!

Danzam Danzam Artist

Thank you Señor…

Itzpyd4 Itzpyd4 Artist

I do. I do like the first of many design to come. +1

Tabla7 Tabla7 Artist

salio chingon.

Danzam Danzam Artist

Thank you Tabla7, and Itzpyd4.
Can´t wait for the next one…..

Awesome shirt design buddy!

Trux Trux Human

Print ! Print ! Print !... Blue Demon over Santo any day !

Danzam Danzam Artist

Your the man, Trux

Danzam Danzam Artist

You are the man, Trux

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