I don’t think people appreciate just how technically difficult it is to pull something like this off.
Horesbites this has been a success anyway you look at it. It’s a very competent illustration, and I would like to see you explore more of this style. Bravo sir, well played. I’ll be happy to give my money to whomever prints this first. That could be you DBH, don’t blow this.

Wow Quakerninja, thanx! That means a lot! I love how your style has developed in to something extremely recognizable now. I would love to see you do stickers in your style too, those would look so awesome! Thanx again, I appreciate it.

killer illo +1

Epic Image. Voted. Good Luck!

Congrats making the top 20! voting for this again for sure!

great! love this!

gudluck on this one! very nice skill! :)

Best of luck…voted again !


Voted again. Good luck!

congrats on making the TOP 24 dood!

Come on, this is one of the best designs here. It should get more votes!



I still like it +1

Hell yeah! Top 24 Horseface!!!

so cool! good luck horsebites! :D

the only one I can vote forand really hope will win great job

+1 :)

awesome shirt from an awesome artist!

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