Youre a great illustrator! :)

Cool illo!

Very nice illustration, loves the style and colors. I think I like it even better on light blue (you background image)
Awesome skills! great job 8D

Good, but I think the head actually needs some more features like some eyes to give it some life. but it is good as is and I think it will work.

Thanks Peeps! Yeah I actually meant for it to be on the light blue- when I mocked it up it looked right, but now that I’m on a different screen I can see that the colour is off.
I orignially had her with a face but I found that with the hair and leaves there was too much going on and it was a little over complicated.

Great style!


Beautiful illustration.v+1

this illo is very good, calm and expressive. hope to see more illustration from you.

i think this is my favorite of your designs so far. i like her face the way it is. i think it keeps the focus on the design as a whole.

wow this is my fav!

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