Khanth Khanth Human

It’s so orginal :D I like it :)

It’s really awesome and original

dA name: Faith-Angel

The concept and execution are just fabulous. Wonderful job!

lesdisparus <3

Kryana Kryana Human

Original and modern design, great concept, simply amazing and I love it!

dA: Kryana on http://kryana.deviantart.com/

Martyx3 Martyx3 Human

the black one is rly great :D
espescially bcos there’s a swiss-cross on the beetle’s back ;)
being patriot :D

my dA name is Marty-x3 ( http://marty-x3.deviantart.com/ )

This is fantastic :U

my dA name is hectorfabu ( http://hectorfabu.deviantart.com )

this shirt design is amazing the best i have seen in a long time!!! a shirt of epic proportions

my da is monky31692

stephobie stephobie Human

deviantart name: hiya-its-steph (http://hiya-its-steph.deviantart.com/)

fanficbug fanficbug Human

I think I like the silver one best.

dA name: fanficbug

eakkar_84 eakkar_84 Artist


D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

very nice! 1 day and you already got 101 votes! wow, we’d better watch out 8D
I would’ve liked this one even more if it was smaller placement, that way you can see the whole thing. Loving your style, very clean and amazingly well executed.
Got my vote!

Nice design Jdeniz! I love in white tee. good luck ;)

Hullo. This t-shirt is really cool :D

dA name: death-by-tray


Great design. voted.=)

dA: MayBepie!

Deyys Deyys Human

i actually saw it in the design contest for the laptop sticker i think :P found it so awesome :D one of my favourites in the contest :D

dA: deyys

i hope you win :P

PaoliPlz PaoliPlz Human

I would totally buy this shirt, but getting it free would be the coolest thing ever.

dA: SinisterRomance

I hope you win cuz I wanna buy it D:

Love the black!

wooow….i love how the colours blend and clash, and how the whole thing is so very, very bright! beautiful job _

dA name: xXxNatchanxXx

Suddu Suddu Artist

Kick ass! guys!! :D

Hope I win the shirt

it looks really awesome!

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