reekster reekster Human

Brilliant design, Swiss Army Spider loveliness… Top Dog!

reekster reekster Human

haha sorry it’s a beetle not a spider… these insects do have similarities :))

ejik10 ejik10 Human

Cool :)

cominoway cominoway Human


dA UserName: cominoway

derpydew derpydew Human

Shirt is echt sick. Beter win ik er 1. :)

Nieky Daaaey

matjay matjay Human

awesome, keep doin’ it, u rock!!!!!


deviantart username: Yasny-chan

Keraii Keraii Human

OMG THAT IS LIKE ONE OF THE MOST AWESOMENESS designs EVER on a T-shirt. EVER. Like really. ;)

dA name: Keraii

tshirt so cool…that’s really smart as well :D

maxzon maxzon Human

Awesome design, Jennifer & Julian ;)

My ‘Behance name’ = maxzon (http://www.behance.net/maxzon)

Nice shirt.

Behance: SmilingDemon (http://www.behance.net/smilingdemon)

I love the concept behind this T Shirt, and the use of the Swiss Army Colours are really distinctive!

dA name: DorifutoRabbit

MoSob MoSob Human

Very nice!!!

Behance name: Mohammad Sobati

BangDK BangDK Human

I love this t-shirt! I saw the design some few days ago, as a daily deviation, and i was just blown away :D I just been to Switzerland, and seen a lot of awsome Swiss knifes, but this one is absolotuly awsome! I hope i’ll win the t-shirt! :D

dA name: BangDK

Here is my dA profile http://bangdk.deviantart.com/

Monikeira Monikeira Human

woahhh it’s so cool ;P

my profile on DA http://monikeira.deviantart.com

heartyy heartyy Human

Wow, really creative and eye catching :D

DA profile: http://heartyy.deviantart.com/

rtofirefly rtofirefly Artist from United States

This is some serious promotion going on :) Cool-looking design too.

>_> I was told to put my dA name when I voted… http://kaymedelynn.deviantart.com but that seems easier to do… :P I love the design, it’s creative — surely never would have thought of it myself.

ally- ally- Human

awesome :]
da: orange-pulp

rn1116 rn1116 Human

i would buy this in the blue and black +1

Ptitecao Ptitecao Artist from France

YEAH ! like it

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