Winblazer Winblazer Human from United States

Wow, that’s a great comparison you came up with concerning two objects no one would normally think of as similar! I would buy that shirt in a heart-beat~

DeviantArt username: GaaraNaruto-kun

syox syox Human

:DDD so cool!!!

dA name: syox96

amadomh amadomh Human

Woohoo! So F*cking Amazing!! You have my vote Jennifer. (Is not a Deja Vu, is the same comment from behance, he he).

Amazingly stunning.I’m extremly glad i came across this piece of art. Very creative and inspiring. I love the complicated look,but simple idea. thumbs up.

dA: charachichi http://charachichi.deviantart.com/

QueDesign QueDesign Artist

Hey Great stuff, must be a winner


Que design

The black one looks crazy XD

DA name: Zet-sama

CoBro CoBro Human

The silver one is ballin

DA name: CoBro

shaygirly shaygirly Human

Thats pretty epic. Love how it’s a beetle and a swiss army knife. 2 thumbs up

dA name: Shaygirly

MrSteveC MrSteveC Human

NICE! Good Luck! Behance name – MrSteveC

ams1327 ams1327 Artist

on black is definitely nice :D

Yo dude i don’t have a DA account… i’m just a lurker, but your shirt is fucking dope. Hope it wins bro.


That’s a pretty awesome looking shirt! :) The beetle looks super sleek, and the design makes me want to get out my 3D glasses again. :D It looks like it’d be a bit “3D’ with all the red/cyan within the design.

I think the black one is the best, though the red and white are also awesome. But I don’t think I like this design as much on the aqua colored shirt. It just doesn’t stand out as well on such a bright color.

dA user name: Bubby-Bobble

MaoKurai MaoKurai Human

Just awesome i really want this shirt look that desingn XD

da user name : MaoKurai

Swiss Army Beetle? FTW!

DA name: Missy2spencer

I want this dammit!
Da Name: Lanincuris

Sharde Sharde Human

I’ll support you all the way. Its a fantastic illustration :)

dA name: Gendrome

bonkey666 bonkey666 Human

I love the black one…the design is in 3d…that’s way cool!! Great job!:)
DA Name: bonkey-666

kirsui kirsui Human

Awesome shirt! 8D

dA name: Kirsui

womanek womanek Human

Go go Swiss beetle! :D

dA name: kerriswift

Yuusei89 Yuusei89 Human

This is pure win.
The description fits, and the design is fun.
Definitely winning material.

dA name: Yuusei89

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