Dorismar Dorismar Human

Bien logrado, me agrada.

Gonzua Gonzua Human

Esta buenísima la ilustracion, felicitaciones!!

Edgardo Edgardo Human

great composition!

ams1327 ams1327 Artist

love the effects

should print

humanmex humanmex Human

super cool design man, gives a lot to think about. Cheers for your concern and good luck at the contest.

claudiou claudiou Human

Beautiful illustration, superb technique!

Bien champ!!!! que ganes….

Outstanding… luv the colors, the technique, the textures. Keep an eye on this guy..

Gorgojo Gorgojo Human

Your work rocks my friend!

magui magui Human

you are a rock!

Gecko Gecko Human

Smooth and colorful piece of artwork!

charlot charlot Human

Maravilloso trabajo!! Seguramente “puesta” se verá todavía mejor…

iPacha iPacha Human

Excellente!! Me gusta mucho el flujo de las lineas! Felicidades

Està muy bueno, felicidades¡

Great illustration and artwork, but the connection between the contest message and the picture himself, is not clear at the first look.
Although, good effort.

oliver oliver Artist from Mexico

@masterboyz thank you very much! I made my best effort not no make it obvious.


jaxph jaxph Human

Great! Cold and Heat… I’ve Voted

kc_6201 kc_6201 Human

At first I thought it didn’t really fit the theme, but then I noticed the hair. There isn’t a close-up of that part so it was difficult to see (for me, at least.)

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