je je, nice design!!

cooljohnny cooljohnny Artist

love this!


niiiiceee!!! i love the black tho.=)

Plushu Plushu Artist from France

It looks really awesome!

Lupencia Lupencia Artist


andyg andyg Artist

Looks great, Jublin! Good luck!

slaterock slaterock Artist from United States

great follow up design! $5!....wrong site. Voted!

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia

nice one champ


mezo mezo Artist

Is this what REALLY happens when you say “I don’t know” on You Can’t Do That On Television?

robomaltz robomaltz Artist


ste7en ste7en Artist from United States

this is so awesome, great characters blended with a fantastic t-shirt printing technique…the composition is wonderful

bortwein bortwein Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

this has 10K written all over it.

vcalahan vcalahan Artist from France

Awesome!! ++1

chelly chelly Human

crazy fun

nadz nadz Artist

looks great on both green & pink!

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jublin jublin Artist from United States

thanks for the votes everyone! :)

ShadowOX8 ShadowOX8 Human

My vote is for the B&W version, although, I’d still take the green version if I had to.

doben doben Human from Germany

will the print be on the back, too? dbh needs more front/back prints and this one is a good design for it^^

mzkatii mzkatii Artist

sexy sexy!! i vants it!

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