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Even if they do choose it, you still have to wait 3 months for it to be up.

It would just be easier to colour a white shirt with marker, IMO

evan3 evan3 Artist

thanks for the support pomka and bagelfish!
To be honest, the only thing that might be an issue is white ink on a red shirt, but depending on the DBH quality of ink, it wont be a major issue
I used modern style as an example to say that DBH isnt scared to use a lot of ink on a shirt

I guess we will have to see…

evan3 evan3 Artist

oh here is a good example of a previous white bottom printing


it will be like that one just takes up some more space

rtofirefly rtofirefly Artist from United States

red sky universe is another good example of it, you are right. but if you look closely you will notice the white does indeed have a pink hue to it. here is a photo someone posted in the comments where you can probably tell a bit better: http://a.imageshack.us/img808/5079/dbh005.jpg

as you can see, it’s pretty similar to the example greentaylorsimms already posted. it looks great on both of those shirts, and if you’re fine with it looking that way, then yeah it can definitely be accomplished. however, are people going to complain when it doesn’t look the same as your mock up? i think that’s all people are saying though, that it’s not quite going to look like that if it is printed. i still think it’s a pretty genius design, and clearly there’s tons of support, but only time will tell if DBH decides to attempt it or not. sometimes it takes them 8+ months to pick a design (as noted in other threads, and recently with the kermit/x-ray print.) good luck to you!

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ageRo ageRo Human

it’s a farce

oeyjay143 oeyjay143 Human

Oh yeah, I will so totally order this. Its the coolest shirt Ive seen EVER! XD

evan3 evan3 Artist


oeyjay143 oeyjay143 Human

do you know when/if it will be sold?

oeyjay143 oeyjay143 Human

do you know when/if it will be sold?

evan3 evan3 Artist

It will be sold if it has enough votes, people wanting to buy it, and if DBH can print it/want it to print (and I am hoping they are able to print it because I feel it has met the other requirements)

In the meantime, though, to raise the chances of printing, it could use more votes and comments!

austbry austbry Human

i want this shirt sooooo bad

ricksan ricksan Human

i really want this shirt ><

This will look so sweet with my Pokewalkers. Yesss.

lindsayerinn lindsayerinn Artist from United States

not a big pokemon fan myself, but i think it’s awesome that you are succeeding in getting so much traffic to the site. it would be awesome and beneficial to the site as a whole if you can encourage your mountain of cool friends to have fun browsing the site and check out other designs they may like. once again, awesome job, and good luck. :)

If this prints, I’ll buy two, just to have a spare. I loveloveLOVE this shirt!

Please print!

Interesting shirt! If it ever goes on sale, I will be buying it for my partner!

Nes818 Nes818 Human

Awesome design. This shirt must be printed out!

irritates irritates Human


evan3 evan3 Artist

thanks guys

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