cluper cluper Human

omg, I love this!

toroi3 toroi3 Human

so whats the next step?
u giving up?
maybe u should pitch the design 2 hot topic lol.

Mukarram1 Mukarram1 Human

Almost 400 votes! How much is it going to take before DBH puts this up for sale!

I want this shirt NOW!! My boys love it!

evan3 evan3 Artist

I am giving up. I actually did contact hot topic toroi3 and they said they do not sell Pokemon merchandise and I was really confused because I know my hot topic has tons of Pokemon shirts. Whatev.

toroi3 toroi3 Human

thats cool i give u mad props 4 going 2 hot topic though . but if u wanted 1 more hail mary idea , maybe u should try nintendo.

Nes818 Nes818 Human

Don’t give up Evan!

Nes818 Nes818 Human

May I suggest trying these sites?

I want this so bad.

jacobwbau jacobwbau Human from United States

Can you reprint one more shirt? I really want this, I’ll pay extra. I saw that you said your giving up so it’s not selling anymore. please let me know if you can make another one in a men’s large. im not sure how you size your shirts. email me at jacobwbau@yahoo.com if you can make another!

Nes818 Nes818 Human

Make this happen Even PLZ!

warrenhopkins warrenhopkins Human from United States
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